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Dr Aamir Liaquat Clarifying His Fake Degrees' Issue

There are many questions raised when it comes to the educational degrees of Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain, and later these are turned into some allegations that lead to the fake degrees propaganda against him. Recently, Dr. Aamir Liaquat clarified his educational degrees' issue when a blogger asked him a question… Read full blog

August 12 2016| 0 Comments

The Trendsetter Aamir Liaquat Husain

Dr  Aamir Liaquat Husain is the President of GEO Network ,Group Editor Jang. But in addition to this official position, he wears many caps. As Naat Khuwaan, columnist, host, lover of the Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW), entertainer and former Minister of Religious Affairs, he has many first to his credit.… Read full blog

July 19 2016| 0 Comments

There is a Hadees Pak that: Kharjaittes are the dogs of Hell

Rasool Allah said three times Kharjaittes are the dogs of hell Do not advocate terrorism Kharajaittes are the terrorists who are actually anti Islam Read full blog

March 28 2016| 0 Comments