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There is a Hadees Pak that: Kharjaittes are the dogs of Hell

Rasool Allah said three times Kharjaittes are the dogs of hell Do not advocate terrorism Kharajaittes are the terrorists who are actually anti Islam Read full blog

March 28 2016| 0 Comments

FHM PAKSITAN: an intriguing interview on the lighter side of Dr Aamir Liaquat

Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain FHM: What is the reason behind your success? ALH: The reason behind my success is that I’m never jealous of anyone. I appreciate everyone’s success and want everyone to appreciate mine as well. Nevertheless, I always take criticism positively and appreciate the opinions of my fans… Read full blog

March 19 2016| 0 Comments

Terrorism can’t end terrorism,Dr Aamir Liaquat tells US gathering

Says no room for violence in Islam; democrats, judges and UN delegates attend function held in Dallas Dallas (US): Dr Aamir Liaquat has delivered a speech in a function organised by Hasan Ansari here. The function was attended by democrats, judges and UN delegation. Following is the text of Dr… Read full blog

January 27 2016| 0 Comments