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    Does a marital bond end, if a man keeps no relation with his wife for a long time?
    Huma Butt, Daska


    Having no relationship with your spouse does not mean that the marital bond ends. Whoever is responsible for the mistake of not having the connection with the spouse will be considered a sinner. Marital bond ends only through divorce or Khula.


    Can forced divorce occur?
    Imtiaz, Gujranwala


    According to Imam Malik (ra) forced divorce cannot occur, according to Hanafi scholars, it can occur.


    What is the biggest quality of Islam?
    Akmal, Manzoor, Lahore


    Islam has preached to have a balance approach in every matter whether it is related to Prayers, fasting, eating or spending money. In every matter there are orders to keep balance.


    In Quran, Allah has said the wealth and children are cause of disturbance. What is the reason behind it?
    Maria, Fateh Jhang


    Both wealth and children are such things because of which man does wrong things. He does not differentiate between right and wrong, Halal and Haram to earn money, rather he concentrates only to earn money through any means and he does all this to give comfort to his children. Therefore both things are said to be a reason of test.


    I was engaged with the consensus of my parents but as soon as my in-laws felt that they will not get dowry they broke the relationship. But the boy did not agree with them and without bringing in to their knowledge he got married to me. When his family came to know they got enraged and got him married again. Now I am considering myself very insecure that if he can get married to again under the pressure of his family, he can divorce me too under the same pressure. In this condition can I take divorce from him?
    Zarqa, Rawlpindi


    When yours in laws broke the relation, you and your parents should have taken a decision and you should not marry to him. You married to that man since he was persistent, now you should try to convince his parents by serving them. You should not finish this marriage but try your best to keep this relationship.


    Few preacher speeches for two hours in Friday prayer and when they offer the prayer they recite small suras and finish the prayer in two or three minutes. Is this the right way?
    Humayun, Sialkot


    In Friday prayer, speech is not important but the prayer itself should be offered correctly. In Friday prayer Hazrat Mohemmed (saww) in first Rakat, recited Sura-e-Juma and in second Rakat recited Sura-e-Munafiqoon or in first Rakat he recited Sura-e-Aala and in second Rakat he recited Sura-e-Ghashia. It shows the in Friday prayer Sura should have this length. Speech should be concise and stories should not be involved it, the speech should not be more than 15 or 20 minutes.


    Can sajda-e-tilawat be offered after Fajar or Asar prayer?
    Tariq, Karachi


    Sajda-e-Tilawat can be offered after Fajar or Asar prayer.


    What are the orders of not hurting anyone?
    Mehreen, Azad Kashmir


    Once Mohemmed (saww) said, o people who verbally claim that they have brought faith, faith is not lasting in your hearts. You should not give pain to Muslims, you should not hurt them and you should not go after their faults. If someone picks the faults in his Muslim brother then Allah will also do the same. And if Allah starts picking the lope holes in anyone then he will be disgraced, though he might be at his home. (tirmizi)


    What is the importance of Istakhara? And how should we do it?

    Wahaj, Lahore


    If a person is unable to take any decision and he is confused about it then he should do Istakhara if the work which he wants to do is favourable for him or not. Istakhara means to take suggestion from Allah (swt). Before going to bed in night, one should offer 2 Rakat or 4 Rakat Nafil prayers and after that he should recite Duaa-e-Istakhara, which is written in books of prayer. After reciting it, go to sleep. While sleeping he will get the guidance from Allah (swt) whether he should do this or work or not. This Istakhara should be done for one to seven nights. Insha’Allah he will get the guidance.


    What are the conditions that a man can go for second marriage?

    Ghazala Aziz Khan, Lahore


    If a man's needs are not fulfilled from one wife and he is able to bear the expenses of more than one wife and able to give rights equally to more than one wife then he can do more than one marriage. And if he thinks he cannot do justice with more than one wife then he should be contended with one wife only.


    If someone cannot fast due to sickness, can he pay ransom for that?

    Saima Kaleem Khan, Karachi


    If someone cannot fast due to sickness he can pay ransom for that. Ransom for not fasting a day is equal to one person Sadqa-e-Fitar.


    Now days it is said that judgement day will occur in 2012. Is it true?


    Nimra Khokher, Quetta The knowledge of occurrence of Judgment day is only known by Allah (swt). He has told many indication of this day through His Prophet Mohemmed (saww). Some of these indications have occurred, the rest will be shown soon inshaAllah. The judgment day will occur when all these indication will occur. There is another type of Last day which occur when a person die.


    What are the orders about the women’s hijab?

    Farooq Bari, Karachi


    The way it is obligatory for Muslim women to offer prayer similarly she should observe hijab too.


    What are the orders about hijab in Quran?
    Bushra Yaqoob, Gujranwala


    Allah says in Sura Ahzab hijab creates difference between dignified and undignified women.


    How should one preach the religion?
    Azeem Arman, Zhob


    Islam has instructed that one should preach the religion with love and kindness, and should not deal anyone strictly. If people criticise the preacher, he should tolerate it.


    Is it obligatory for everyone to preach the religion?
    Kafeel Qureshi, Karachi


    If someone knows even one thing about religion, he should tell it to other Muslim brother, this is what preaching is. Is it compulsory for a Muslim to make sure that other person follows the religious orders which is told him? A Muslim’s responsibility is to spread the message to others; it is not his duty to make people to follow the message.


    Can Muslim man wear gold rings or chain?
    Hafiz Abdullah, Lahore


    Muslim man can not wear gold ring or chain, they cannot wear gold in any way, and it is Haram for them.