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    Does a marital bond end, if a man keeps no relation with his wife for a long time?
    Huma Butt, Daska


    Having no relationship with your spouse does not mean that the marital bond ends. Whoever is responsible for the mistake of not having the connection with the spouse will be considered a sinner. Marital bond ends only through divorce or Khula.


    If someone lies about something and swears on it too, what is the atonement for it?
    Mazhar, Karachi


    One should avoid taking false oath; if someone commits this act se he should ask forgiveness from Allah (swt). As atonement he should fast for a day or he should feed 10 poor people for a whole one day meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. He can also calculated the amount for the meals and give this money to one needy person.


    If a person wants to marry someone, is it allowed to see her before marital bond?

    Faizan Khan, Narowal


    According to Shairya, one can see that girl to whom he wants to get married.


    If a woman does not behave nicely with her husband, she also has bad behaviour towards her in laws, however she behaves well with her siblings and her own relatives. What does Islam say about such woman?
    Tanveer, Karachi


    Allah (swt) has kept balance and equilibrium in husband and wife relationship and ordered both of them to care for each other. They should respect each other and should take care of each other rights. Allah (swt) does not like that person who does not fulfil the duties and that person will have to bear the punishment for that attitude. Prophet Mohemmed (saww) advised husband and wife to consider each other’s good qualities and should ignore the negative ones. If they adopt such attitude, they will be able to live happily. In many issues Allah (swt) has given priority and importance to men as compare to women. So women should give importance to their husbands and also value their husbands’ families over their own relatives.


    Is it essential to have ablution while pray?
    Arif, Muzaffarabad


    It is not essential to have ablution while you pray, but it is better if someone has done so.


    I own a flat which I have given on rent, should I pay Zakat on it?
    Mohemmed Asif, Quetta


    Flat which is give on rent; there is no Zakat on the worth of flat. However if you are getting some money out of this flat and if this amount is accumulated and reached to Nisab or if that amount of rent along other savings reach to Nisab then you have to pay Zakat on it. But if the money is not saved and used in daily expenses then there is no Zakat on that amount.


    What does Islam say about stocking?
    Saif, Karachi


    According to Hazrat Omar (ra), Hazrat Mohemmed (saww) said, “those who sell their things in market, Allah (swt) bless them with good fortune and those who stock their things, they get cursed by Allah (swt).”


    Can husband and wife patch up with each other after two divorces?
    Mohsin, Ayub, Shahdadpur


    Yes there is still a room for patch up after two divorces but it should be kept in mind, then husband will have the right of one divorce only.


    Sometimes negative and evil thoughts come in to my mind and they bother me a lot, what should I do to get rid of them?

    Saeed Butt, Bahawalpur


    You should completely avoid such thoughts and you should not try to do anything about them. When you will not pay attention to evil thoughts, then slowly and gradually they will not come to your mind. You will not be hold responsible for it, and Allah (swt) would forgive too.


    What are the orders about reciting Quran?

    Mohemmed Afzal, Karachi


    One should try to recite Quran correctly, every word should be pronounced correctly or else the meaning can be changed. Therefore while reciting the Quran one should be careful to pronounce every word correctly.


    Can we use those things which are used by non Muslims such as clothes and shoes?
    Ismail Ejaz, Karachi


    They can be used if you wash and clean them first.


    Is it prohibited for women to go to mosques?

    Mayan Khan, Peshawar


    Allah (swt) has given much liberty to women. They have so many responsibilities that it is not essential for them to go to mosque and offer prayers there. It is more rewarding for them if they offer prayer at their homes but if they can go to mosques they can do that as well, but they should have separate arrangements in the mosque.


    Is it essential to have witness at the time of nikah (marital bond)?

    Mishal, Abbotabad


    Yes. At the time of Nikah at least two men are required or one man and two women should be there. If only women would be there, Nikah would not happen. The more people would be there, the more likable it would be. It is better if Nikah gets done in the mosque.


    What could be possible reason due to which a husband can divorce his wife?
    Tooba Khan, Lahore


    Divorce is a “halal” legitimate act by Allah (swt) but this is highly unlikable act. When the relation between husband and wife reach to certain extent that it would become difficult to live with each other then divorce can be given. Husband and wife should try their best not to reach to the stage of divorce and they should avoid each others’ flaws and should think about the positive aspects only.


    Where should wife reside after the death of her husband?
    Abdul qayyum Khan, Islamabad


    During her “iddat” she lives with her in laws, after completion of “iddat” she is free to go to her parents’ house. It would be better if she marries with someone else and lives with her husband.