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Chulah Ghar

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Karachi is one of the most developed cities of Pakistan, but there are certain localities in Karachi, where locals are still deprived of basic necessities of life, such as “Sui Gas”. “Khuda ki Basti” is one of those few areas, where people are forced to cook over firewood due to unavailability of Sui Gas. Day by day increasing prices of timber have become highly unaffordable for the unfortunate locals. 120Rs/kg timber is used to cook one time meal. A man who earns 100-150Rs a day, how can he manage the expense of daily fuel for cooking? Due to absence of Sui Gas and unaffordable price of LPG cylinders and timbers, a number of people and innocent children are imposed to sleep starving on daily basis.

Keeping this point in view, “Mehmooda Sultana Charity” took a useful step for the welfare and betterment of this Locality, and built a centre by the name of “Chohla Ghar” to facilitate with free “Gas” and “stoves” to the underprivileged natives, where almost One Hundred women can cook their food daily. According to our survey result, each residing lady of this locality is responsible to cook food for a family consisting of 8-9 persons every day. Such as, overall 800-900 persons are being facilitated daily, and approximately 20,000 to 25,000 persons’ need of food is being contented monthly by “Chohlah Ghar”.

Above mentioned Figures of persons can increase if you also join hands with Mahmooda Sultana Charity in our war against hunger mission. Come forward and donate for this cause, your donation of just Rupees 7000 will utilize to refill a LPG Cylinder for a week, which will make possible to fulfill the need of food for 5000 persons.

The locals of “khuda ki Basti” are very much obliged and satisfied by this act of “Mahmooda Sultana Charity”, as their kids won’t have to sleep starving now.

Also Donate as much as you can, so we can expand our mission and can built more projects like “Chohlah Ghar” in different suffering areas of Karachi and in other cities of Pakistan.